Our Friends

Sammy Eubanks

Sammy’s a well-known bluesman up here in the beautiful Northwest.  If you’re ever in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area, don’t miss the chance to check out his band.  He’s a talented player, gifted tunesmith and has a set of pipes that never fails to impress.  An early adopter of our instrument and patch cables, I’m proud to call him a friend.  Be sure to check out his new album Sugar Me at the iTunes Store.

Jim Gibson

The World Famous Jim Gibson is a talented singer/songwriter/player that never disappoints.  Based in my hometown of San Diego, Jim is another early adopter of Cutthroat’s cables.  And did I mention he’s witty, too?  His 2nd album Storm Warning is just…well…fantastic!  I really miss this guy; if you see him, give him a hug for me.  Love you man!

Soul Tramp Amplification

Don Hills is one very talented amp builder.  Just ask anyone who owns one of his coveted creations.  “Truth in Tone” is the motto.  Don’s attention to detail and a passion for tonal nirvana is truly refreshing in this era of “good enough” and “get ‘er done”.  Looking for an amp that’s not just another cookie cutter clone?  Check out a Soul Tramp.

Grinning Elk Music Company

I bought my 2007 Yamano Murphy Aged R9 Les Paul from Ray Mauldin a couple of years ago. What a fantastic experience! Ray and his partner Lee Jackson are in the “good guys” category when it comes to purveyors of fine, pre-owned gits and amps. They also write some of the funniest ad copy you’ll ever read…

Modern Sound Amplifiers

Mike Basham gets serious when it comes to vintage correct Marshall JTM45 replicas. His attention to authenticity, detail and spec is impressive. He can turn you on to some very cool Tweeds as well, if that’s your bag.  He’s also been a big supporter of Cutthroat Audio, and for that I’m grateful. Be sure to stop by his site and have look…